Old Collectable Marbles

I know, I know, we need to take a bigger picture. My wife is always thrilled when she comes across a marble. Apparently she had a lot of them when she was a child and had to give them all away. She wanted to buy some on Ebay. But they seem to cost a lot, especially the old ones.
I told her, We'll just have to find some.

These are the ones we have found so far. Some were just rolling in the surf, some were found in the rocks, and some just happen to be in our scoop when we dumped it in our screen.

The old marbles we foundWant to find out the value of your marbles? There are plenty of web information about all types of old marbles, especially in the Antique Marble and Price Guide, which also has information about the different companies that made marbles, and how they did it. I also found a website with instructions on making marbles.

Antique Marble and Price Guide