Metal Detecting in CT

This is a page of laws and regulations concerning metal detecting in Connecticut. As far as we know, Connecticut is still pretty lenient as far as metal detecting laws. We don't need a permit yet anyway. Most town property and town beaches are open, city parks and such, but when they start going in for Spring cleanup, you have to ask permission if you see them working. These are some rules we have heard through other treasure hunters and club members.
If you know of anything else concerning Connecticut or have different information please let us know.

Banned Cities in CT

The city of Sharon, CT has banned metal detecting within the city limits.
No detecting is allowed in Norwich, CT

All Federal lands and National Parks

All Federal lands and National Parks are off limits. State forests are apparently okay, we've never had a problem there.

Historical Sites

All sites that has been designated historical are off limits, including those places that have memorials, like on town greens.

Corp. of Engineers parks and beaches

All "Corp. of Engineers" parks and beaches, like the one in Naugatuck, CT are off limits. They WILL take your detector away.


Cemeteries are off limits, that's private property you know. Each piece of land was bought by or for someone. We have heard of people detecting the paths with permission though, but not in Connecticut.

The Eli Whitney Forest

The "Eli Whitney Forest" is recreational areas to preserve water quality and owns 25,000 acres of forest in Southeastern CT. It is off limits to metal detecting. We were told this via E-mail. Here's a link to their website. S C R W A

Littering SignConnecticut State Parks

All Connecticut State Parks have as standard list of "Rules & Regulations" posted at the entrance of the park. This includes a rule on "removing items from the park."

Even though they're not specifically naming "metal detecting," they keep a close eye on the park since they're responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. They're pretty strict on the "closed at sundown" rule too. The best time to detect the State Parks is after the season closes.This is our favorite No Littering sign and it is posted at all the State Parks. What does it mean? It means to take out all your trash with you.