Connecticut Farms wanted

Attention Farmers
If you own a farmfield in Connecticut and the "milk" is not paying the bills, we would be more than happy to pay a reasonable price for permission to metal detect on your property. We understand that two people won't make you rich, but we belong to a metal detecting club, and we also know many organizations interested in this hobby that could generate quite a few people interested. You could charge per person, per day or by the group.

Several local farmers have let us metal detect their fields during the off season. It would be hard for us to research all the farms in Connecticut and then contact the owners, so we created this page. If you are interested in this venture please contact us.

Attention Detectorists
If you are in Connecticut or New England and are interested joining us for hunting these farmfields, when we get the permission. Please join our newsletter on the front page of this website.

The larger the group we generate, the more money the farmer will make, and the easier it will be for us to get permission.
If you have any questions concerning this information, or already know of a farmer that might be interested, please let us know.