Our Metal Detectors

It can be confusing what kind of metal detector and accessories to get when you decide to begin the hobby of metal detecting. From this page you can find pictures and information on the metal detectors we use on land, at the beach, and in the water. The beach hunting category is included with relic hunting, because you can use relic detectors on the beach.

The metal detecting accessories include our treasure hunting tools, beach hunting scoops, and other treasure hunting stuff. Knowing this information may help you make the right decision when you purchase your own metal detecting equipment.

Metal Detectors We Use

  • Water Hunting - This page has the metal detectors we use especially for water hunting.

  • Relic - Coin Hunting - These are our land and beach detectors for relic hunting, beach detecting,
    metal detecting in the woods, the fields, and the metal detectors we use for competition metal detecting hunts.

    Metal Detecting Accessories You Need

  • Water Hunting - Equipment for water detecting only. Special water scoops and a treasure hunting pouch are a necessity.

  • Relic - Coin Hunting - This includes beach hunting as well as land hunting equipment.