Metal Detecting Research Articles

This is an online list of our metal detecting articles and researched areas, we have done for our metal detecting hobby. Knowing this information may help you when going out in the field to avoid problems, or help you find some new treasure hunting locations. Rules and regulations are still important. Know, before you go.

Metal Detecting
Metal Detecting Code of Ethics - Metal detecting rules to live by. They'll keep you out of a lot of trouble.
How to Buy a Metal Detector - When you buy your first metal detector, buy a detector right for your needs.
Metal Detecting Law in CT - Using metal detectors in CT, Connecticut law and permit notices, cities banned.

The Beach
Beach Rakes - Do those new beach rakes, sand sweepers affect our hobby? See pictures.
Study the Ocean Tides - Water hunters need this information to study the effects of wind, waves, erosion and tides.

Colonial Research
US American Coin History Timeline - Timeline of the coins that the colonists were using, and when were they minted.
1600's CT History Timeline - A historical timeline of the early colonists and settlers. What were they doing?
1700's CT History Timeline - A timeline of the population boom and depression in the 1700's
1800's CT History Timeline - Putting the history of the 1800's into perspective.
Detecting in the Forests - Brief Timeline of American Colonial Logging History

Miscellanious Research
Connecticut Farms Wanted - An invitation to Connecticut farmers to make some money on us metal detectorists.
Information About Gold - Information on the value of gold via gold standards and karats.
Information about Silver - About silver and coins - How to clean silver.
Precious Metals Directory - Everything you need to know about precious metals.