Vintage Gold Class Ring

This past weekend we were invited to hunt a fresh water lake with our club president and two members. The water was nice and warm but it was real windy out. It was actually warmer to be in the water.
At first it seemed like the lake and beach were all hunted out, cause no one was finding any recent losses, no clad was found whatsoever.

Every time you try to dig a deep signal, it turns out to be either a tiny nail or something that you can't even find. Tons of hairpins were found.

1947 Gold Class ringAnyway, one of those signals turned out to be a Buffalo nickel around two feet deep. So I started concentrating around that area and realized there were lots of real deep signals. Started finding old religious medals, none were gold but, very pretty.

As the day progressed, everyone left but me and my wife. Right before leaving I found this nice class ring in between two holes that I dug. Don't know how I missed it, it was only a few inches down. It was interesting digging in the lake, the bottom was all rocks with 3 inches of fine sand on top. So as it turns out, the beach that seemed to be hunted out, was not hunted out at all. (CUDA)

18kt Gold St. Francis Pendant

Tuesday my wife went to a local state park here to practice her water hunting. The last time we were there a man approached us and said, Why are you wasting your time detecting a K Mart beach? Go where all the rich people are swimming.
Gold St. Francis pendantGee, maybe he's right, we thought. Anyway, she spent a couple hours in the water and was getting tired of digging the rocks, so she decided to try the Barracuda on the beach. The beach has like rain washes, deep gullies cut into it from a downpour recently. So she started checking these cuts and came across this nice piece about 8 inches down in hard packed sand.

The Medallion was laying 1 inch from the chain. It had broken off, she said she didn't break it with her scoop. Whoever had this, had it for a long time because the rings that hold the clasp are pretty worn. Both of the medals are stamped 18k on the backs, and the chain is a rose gold, 30 inches in length. Not bad for a K Mart beach, huh? (BARACUDA)

Six Vintage Gold Rings

1922 gold wedding bandAll of these rings were found this weekend at the same beach. We thought we would try this beach again even though we knew it is hit by TH'ers all the time. Most of the stuff we found is really deep.

For example: You would start off with a faint signal, dig it... the signal gets louder, dig it... it's still in the hole, but now there are 2 signals, dig them... one's a hair pin, the other is a 22 caliber shell. Recheck the hole and there's another signal, dig it... it's a snapper, Recheck, there's another signal, and low and behold it's a gold ring. But, by that time you're way down about 2 feet and the hole is huge.

We would stand in the same spot and dig for hours. Any coins we found were old, no clad. But we dug an amazing amount of hair pins. (Cudas)

Vintage Old Wedding Ring

Went detecting Saturday in MA, I was in the water, and it started snowing. The wind was whipping about 30 to 40 mph. Fortunately there was a building blocking most of the wind. It was actually warmer to be in the water than out. People had there gloves and hats on and probably thought I was nuts. Then about 3 pm another detectorist showed up to scan the already hunted out beach, and didn't dig a thing.

This old wedding ring is the gold find for the weekend. Knee deep in the shallows about 6 inches down. A 14k wedding band dated 10-9-22. It's always really special when we find something this old, especially gold wedding bands. This is the oldest one we have found so far. It makes you think about the person who lost it, and it was so long ago. She would be about a 100 years old now. Amazing. (Fisher)

First Gold Ring 2001

Boston University Class RingHere's our first gold find for 2001. We went out to find a beach that had a north shore because the wind was coming in strong from the west. A friend of ours has been checking this beach recently and has found several nice rings, but he said they were really deep. This ring on the other hand was pretty shallow, a couple of scoops down. I have been using my new Fisher Impulse trying to get use to it. I think it worked pretty well for me. I was digging over by some rocks, and the bottom was a black, muckish clay, lots of seaworms. When I pulled out this ring all I saw was the edge of it in the clay, and thought, Ooh, what's that? (Fisher)

Huge Gold Class Ring

We were invited to detect a beach in Rhode Island Sunday morning. When we arrived at 9:00 am it was low tide and our friend Mike had already found a gold tooth. Nice going Mike! he said the beach there was not very productive, so we drove down to another beach. We parked and started putting on our gear and headed to the beach. To our surprise there was six other water hunters grouped in a small area right in front of a cut in the beach. We knew immediately that they were in the hot spot. We picked out an area about 20 feet away from them, and started digging. Coins, coins, and more coins!

The recent storm sure stripped a lot of sand out, so we had to fight the rocks. After about three hours everyone decided to leave because the tide was coming in. So we had a chance to detect the hot spot. We were running out of time because our club meeting was at 12:30, and we were also getting exhausted. My last signal was the ring on the right. It sure was a relief to find some gold that six guys missed. (Fisher)

Old Gold Class Rings

Don't even know what to say, besides WoW. We couldn't make it to the beach on Saturday, but Sunday made up for Saturday. This is what you can get when the sand is gone off the beach. Even though there was twelve of us almost everyone found some good stuff. The wind was whipping so hard from the southwest and it was cold.

We sure wore ourselves out digging in the rocks. It seemed like the sand had started to move in. I'll bet by next weekend we won't even find a pulltab. Several of these rings were pretty deep and there were two in one hole. One was found shallow, and Carol found one about a foot down under a huge rock. We found very little trash or scrap metal, mostly coins, 79 of them. This is our best day so far, hope the luck stays with us.(Fisher/Cuda)

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