Vintage Gold Rings

It was tough treasure hunting this weekend. Even though the wind was out of the northeast, the waves and current were awful. I could see that the sand had moved though. A lot of the signals were on top and real loud.

These nice rings are my reward for my persistence. The seaweed was terrible. I tried to find an area that wouldn't be so hard to dig. But it was not possible. 2 class rings and 2 18k rings. Very nice. (Fisher)

Gold Signet Ring

Vintage gold ringsWhen we got in the low tide coin pocket, we were finding coin after coin after coin. We were having to dig the extremely faint signals, and the targets were 8 to 10 inches down. Sometimes there were 3 coins in one hole. My wife started channeling because we knew stuff was there. This signet ring she pulled out was the third signal in a hole under a big black rock. We found lots of miscellaneous stuff on Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday the coin pocket was all the way filled in.

The earring I found without even using my detector. I was digging a hole and since we were in the wet sand, I noticed something shining next to where I was standing, By surprise it was a gold earring laying right on top. Don't know if we'll be going back, the second beach we went to produced 5 silver rings. (Baracuda)

More Gold Rings

Saturday was our lucky day. We started out at one beach and found nothing. Our brakes started squeeking and we pulled into a parking area nearby. Well, while I checked the brakes, Carol took the XLT and headed for a small beach. When I went to find her she had three nice rings to show me, all found in the dry sand. We left and drove to RI to check out several other beaches, both were inaccessable. We got tired of driving around so we stopped at a state beach we had never found anything at, but heard there was stuff there.

We got in the water even though the waves were big enough to swamp us and the wind was hard. Carol didn't stay in long, she got soaked and had to get out because she was getting cold. I stayed in and kept digging those deepest signals. We had stopped earlier at a dive shop and got a great deal on another wetsuit. It was working out great for me, I put the top over my neoprene waders and I felt wave-proof the whole time. Amazingly, I paid for the wetsuit in the next two hours, or maybe it paid for itself?
( XLT/relic mode/Fisher)

Huge Gold Wedding Band

49th M G CoHere's the huge man's ring Carol pulled out of the sand by the dunes at Charlestown beach. It's the biggest gold ring we have ever found in the dry sand. Very unusual. It doesn't have initials on the inside either.

And didn't appear to have been recently lost because of the fact it was so deep. About 8 inches under the dry sand, she hit wet sand and that's where it was laying She had just put new batteries in the XLT and was wondering if she would have detected it had she not.(XLT/relic mode)

Emi's Lost Gold Ring

We got a phone call in the middle of the week, and Emi, who lives in New London,CT, invited us to come back to search for her wedding ring that she lost in her backyard 2 years ago. It was difficult in the fact that her ring was made from a bracelet. After 3 hrs of searching we had come up with nothing and couldn't understand why.

We asked her again where she thought it fell and I went over that area real good. The grass was tall but when I pressed the coil down, sure enough I got a whisper of a signal. When I dug it, it was only one inch down. I couldn't believe I found it, and neither could she. Emi screamed for about 15 minutes and the hugs were endless. (ProXL) Read the full story on our Lost Ring Found page.

Old Military Ring

Then we left and went to Crescent Park on Sunday only because we couldn't think of any place else to go. Carol was already dressed for the water because we were beach hopping, so she got in and her fifth signal was this ring. We have never found any gold at Crescent, so we were thrilled to see this.

The beach and water is so packed with iron, it is practically too hard to detect especially with a pulse. The ring seems to be an old military ring. It has two cannons that are crossed in the center and kind of corroded from being soldered on, but they cleaned up. Engraved on it is, 49th MG Co. Part of it broke off on the back. On the inside it reads, "Dad to John." (Baracuda) For more information see this page we made for it. Civil War Army Ring.

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