Hopalong Cassidy Ring

Saturday was not a good day for metal detecting, on the land or in the water. We got up early and drove two hours to our new spot by the ocean and was greeted by wind and waves, both coming from the wrong direction. I was lucky to even find this ring!

It's not gold, but it's as good as gold if it's Hopalong Cassidy's ring! Probably worth a buck, heh heh! It's made of copper. It's an adjustable ring, and has a bar XX HC on both sides. Nothing is on the inside. I also found a silver spoon and an old, lead British soldier. (Barracuda)

Hopalong CassidyHistory: William Boyd is Hopalong Cassidy's real name. He made alot of B Westerns, but he had the foresight to see that TV was replacing the B Western. He moved to TV in the early 1950's with his horse Topper, and was quite successful.

When Hoppy had his shows, at the end of it he would have a talk with the kids that were watching. He told them to go to school and to obey the teacher, and their parents. To do their homework, and to put their toys away around the house. My how times have changed.

Hopalong's wife's name is Grace Bradley. Here's her picture. They still hold a festival each year in Hoppy's home town of Cambridge, Ohio. She still attends these festivals. She was an actress herself when Hoppy met her. And she is still happy to talk about the man in black.