Fake Rolex Watch

Our second day at Revere Beach started at 6:00am. I decided to detect around the area where I found the ring and told Carol if I wasn't out of the water by the time the club hunt started, to start without me. Which is exactly what happened, because my second target (again!) was this watch and I was too excited to stop for a hunt.
She was happy to go because she wasn't finding much.

She did find an antique silver ring with a missing stone though. She had better luck at the hunt, she won a pair of headphones for her detector, which she needed. COOL!

Replica Fake Rolex watchOh, about the ROLEX, when I found it, it had water inside of it and I tried to see what kind it was. Through the dirty water I could see the name ROLEX on the face. My heart started beating like crazy. One thing I knew about these watches was that there is no way they leak! So I shoved it in my pocket to look at later.
I continued hunting still hoping it was a real one. I didn't find anything the rest of the day besides a few coins and a goldplated clip earring.
So, this is how you spot a fake or replica Rolex.
When we got home I opened up the watch to let the water out and saw the battery inside. So I knew it wasn't real because all ROLEX watches are mechanical. We went to Rolex.com and saw how well they are made. Anyway it's better a fake ROLEX than a Mickey Mouse watch. LOL (Cuda)

Update: We received an email recently, and they suggested that maybe it was a real Rolex watch, because they do make some that run on batteries. However, after we received the email, we went searching for the Rolex and we can't seem to find it. So now we'll never know, till we find it, whether or not it is real. The chances are pretty good that it is fake though, the gold was flaking, and it didn't seem to be a good quality that you would expect from Rolex. Many thanks for the very informative email that was sent to us!

Swiss Army Watch

swiss army watchThis morning it was just beautiful and warm outside. We were checking the ocean tides on the Internet, and saw they were going to be extremely low for the next couple of days. Carol said, Maybe I should go check the city beach again, since the tide is going to be so low.

When I came home from work she was jumping up and down. She was so excited I thought she found a 2 carat diamond ring! But here it is...a Swiss Army Watch, and it is still ticking. The time was off by 5 minutes and the date was off by 3 days.

The leather band looked like it was in the water for at least a couple of years. One side of the band was separated from the watch, that's how it got lost. She said it was laying face down on top of the mud in a spot that normally low tide would cover.

Thanks Honey...I needed a new watch! I'll pay you back in gold, how's that!?
(XLT/relic mode)

Assorted watchesFinger Watch

We found 2 more watches! One that you wear on your finger and a cheapo quartz. All last year we found zero watches and now we've found 3 in one week! Strange!

The finger ring was found in the water with the Barracuda and it is still ticking, it was one hour ahead. And Carol found the other with the Whites XLT in a local city playground she went to, while I was helping a friend with his computer. (Cuda/XLT/ coin)