Detecting Magazines and Research

We tried picking the best metal detecting books that will benefit your hunting ability and for relic identifications, and the most informative as far as researching your metal detecting locations. We also researched some metal detecting and treasure hunting magazines, and included what we found here.

Metal Detecting Books:

The New Successful Coin Hunting by Charles Garrett - order at
The Beach Bank, Your Treasure Teller by Reilly - available at Reilly's Treasured Gold

Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Magazines

Maps of the past - over 1,300 premium-quality reproductions of historical maps dating back to the 1700s.
Lost Treasure Magazine - Treasure hunting and metal detector how-to information and news.
Eastern Western Magazine - is the offical home of Eastern Western Magazine.
GPAA magazine - Gold Prospector and Treasure Hunting Magazine

Coin & Relic Gazette - An online magazine, a great site to visit with lots of useful info.
Treasure Hunter's Gazette - online magazine - Streeters
Tom's Treasures Internet Magazine - Great articles online
Treasure Depot Online Magazine - Great articles and pictures too.
Prospecting and Mining Journal - View html or pdf, back issues available
American Digger Magazine - Exciting and informative articles on digging adventures
North South Trader - Civil War Magazine
The Coinhunter Magazine - Welkom op de officiŽle website van Nederlands langst bestaande metaaldetectorblad

Known Outdated Magazines

Treasure Seekers - Published by Challenge Publications. We have a copy dated Sept 1997.

More Metal Detecting Research Websites

Aerial Photos of U.S.A. - Aerial Photography of the U.S
American Memory - History collections for the National Digital Library.
Common Button Back Marks - and dates of manufacture
Coin and Price Guide - Find your coin and see what it's worth.
Collector's Internet Directory - Directory lists over 1100 clubs related to antiques and collectibles.
Digger Net - Forums, chats, great information.
Florida's Fabulous Treasures - Florida treasure stories and maps for treasure hunters.
Metal Detector Reviews - Metal detector reviews by everyday hunters, a must visit!
N.E. Antiquities"NEARA" - Resource Page for New England Antiquities Studies.
POLYMATHEMATIC Clean/Preserve - Cleaning Metals Resource.
SPINDLE EXPLORATIONS - Different sources of treasure information from all corners of the world.
The Rocker Box - Information for a treasure hunter or gold miner. Treasure hunting books.
Tom's Treasures - Great resource for all metal detectorists.