Old Keys and Beach Tags

These are some items we thought were coins when we got the signals. They turned out to be old keys, old beach tags, good luck tokens from old amusement parks that came out of a machine where you stamped what you wanted on them, Shell station game pieces, and just round pieces of metals with nothing on them.

The circular button looking things in the middle top picture, we have 8 of now, and they were all found at different beaches.

Collection  beach tags and old keysThey're heavy, made of lead, and we were told they are skirt weights, from the 1920's. The ladies sewed them into the bottoms of their dresses to keep the wind from blowing them up!

Other people suggested they were fishing weights, but skirt weights make more sense. Maybe the guys used them for fishing weights after their wives were finished with them.

The rest is our selection of favorite selection of old keys, with some skeleton keys, and a lady's small decorative belt buckle, or maybe it was from off a ladies shoe, it's so tiny. We like finding the old beach tags and we have collected quite a variety in our six years of metal detecting.

Old 1900's Beach Tag

To the right here, is the beach tag Carol found while scanning the remains of building close to the beach. It's pretty trashed with iron and nails. She was surprised she found this. It's a different type of beach tag then the other ones we have found and may date from the 1950's. The number on it is 648.

Old Beach tagThe bottom picture is another decorative piece. It's cool looking and made of copper. On the back was a flat piece of solder or something. It fell off when I touched it. (Spectrum XLT/beach & jewelry mode/Garrett/Cuda)

Lost Brooklyn Keys and Ring

Brooklyn keys lostWe're glad this picture uploaded good. We wanted you to see the writing on the two front keys. The one on the left says, Security Guard, and the one on the right says, Brooklyn, NY. How did these keys wind up 3 inches down in the ground, in a field in Connecticut? There are 18 keys on the ring, and another one says METRO.

I'll bet whoever lost these was pretty unhappy.

Corroded Ring of Keys

Glob of keysCan you see what this is? It's a ring of keys in a globola It is so interesting. We may shellac it and use it as a paperweight. LOL We find so many of these iron globs and always break them open to see what's inside, but this is too obvious! I'm surprised I didn't break it with my scoop! (Cuda)