Antique Sterling Silver Brooch

The day after we bought our first metal detector (White's XLT), we couldn't wait to go out and test it! We went to the beach since the ground was frozen. We were digging everything just to see what it was. And this was our first jewelry find! So we were thrilled! It's an antique brooch. And just recently, when we cleaned it by electrolysis, we saw the word sterling on the back side!
(XLT/ Beach & jewelry mode/ Jan 31, 1999)

Antique broochThis silver ring has strange markings on it and may have been handmade. The size is small too. It barely fits on my little finger. It might be a toe ring, but it sure would be uncomfortable, it's too thick. It was in the same field we have been hunting, about an inch and a half down. It's amazing how many people can lose their rings in such a small park. T

his is the first silver ring we have found, which makes it very special.
(Whites Spectrum XLT/Relic mode)

Jade and Silver Filigree Earrings

We were about to give up on our lucky field where we found all the rings. We had cleaned out most of the center of the field, and started working toward the trashy picnic areas. We were pulling so many pulltabs and bottlecaps! Near a grill I picked up a signal that I was going to pass by, and my wife said, Oh, not digging the 70's anymore? (I guess she caught a glimpse of the meter.) So I turned around and rescanned to pinpoint just to make her happy.

She dug a 4 inch hole and saw something tangled up in the roots. She pulled it carefully out. I was so glad I listened to her! It was a nice jade and silver filigree earring. Then after she filled the hole, I rescanned and got the same reading about 3 inches away. She dug another hole, and we found the matching earring! Wow! How often do you find both earrings? (Whites Spectrum XLT/Relic mode. See the Army Air Corp Silver Locket

Man's Silver Ring

Antique broocheFound on a mountain path at Jones Christmas tree farm. Amazing! People lose rings EVERYWERE! Mr. Jones told us that a long time ago a lady lost a diamond ring there. We tried really hard to find it but could not locate it. The farm is huge! We asked Mr. Jones if anyone said they had lost a silver ring but he said not that he knew of, and he let us keep everything we found.
(Spectrum XLT/Relic mode)

Antique Silver Brooch

The first time we went to Crescent Beach we were finding all kinds of stuff! It was the most exciting day! Even though we didn't find any gold, we didn't care. This antique silver brooch made us real happy.(Whites Spectrum XLT/Coin mode)

First Silver Cross

Cool, we found our first silver cross. This is another Crescent Beach find. We were finding all kinds of things. Mostly brass and copper items. Keys, buttons, decorative pieces of stuff, tokens, Indian Heads, mercury's, and our first Barbers. There used to be a bath house where we were searching.

The hurricane of 1938 wiped everything out, so all the buildings are gone and there is alot of iron! When we pulled this up (and most items were not very deep,) it was black, so we knew right away it was silver. A little baking soda and a toothbrush cleaned it right up. The only thing we haven't found there is gold, but you have to wait for the sand to move.(Whites Spectrum XLT/Coin mode)