Quicksilver Silver Ring

We found this ring on our club's trip to Block Island. We got there several weeks after the sand sweepers already did their thing, so not much was found on the public beaches.
Some of the beaches had so much black sand, all the detectors were going off like crazy.

We'd like to go back there again, we know that there is more there, but it cost about 80 bucks to take the ferry over and back again.
(Spectrum XLT/Relic mode)

Silver Wedding Band

Quicksilver, Kindergarten ringWe went to Vermont with the president of our club and did some detecting in a park there. A man had told us not to go to that park because it's against the law and they'll take your detector from you. But after he left we saw someone in the park detecting. When we asked him about it, he told us it was okay since the season is closed. We weren't finding much, except clad and some Canadian coins. We started searching a small area by a shelter that looked like people would have a wedding there and found this men's silver wedding band.
(Spectrum XLT/Relic mode)

Kindergarten Graduation Ring

Found on a city beach on one of Carol's morning hunts. She says, Since when do they make graduation rings for kindergartners?(Whites Spectrum XLT/Coin mode)

Silver Buckle

This silver buckle was a real nice find from Crescent Beach too. It was in the dry sand, a couple of inches down. The thing is, all the iron on top is masking all the good targets. You have to move real slow. After awhile, we started moving all the iron and rocks into piles. This way we found alot more stuff. We like finding ornate things like this. But it makes you wonder about the person that was wearing it, and how it possibly got lost. (Whites Spectrum XLT/Coin mode)