Silver Dolphin Ring

Here's the 2 silver rings we found before leaving for Vermont to go goldpanning. One is a dolphin and the other a toe ring. They both say .925 inside, which means Sterling Silver.

The toe ring was tarnished and both of these rings were in the shallows. The dolphin wasn't tarnished so it was probably lost recently. (Cuda)

Vintage Cub Scout Ring

Here's another collector's item to the right here. Dolphin A silver Cub Scout ring. It was pretty tarnished and we cleaned it up. It says, CUBS and below it, BSA. Boy Scouts Of America.

Silver ID Bracelet

This was the best item we found on Saturday. The only place we could detect was far from the people in the water at low tide. Unfortunately low tide was around noon, so that didn't help. You have to be real careful that you don't leave big holes in the water for people to fall in. If they step in your holes you can bet they're going to tell the lifeguard and they will run you out of the water real fast.

Anyway, it's a heavy sterling ID bracelet with the initials CWP. The interesting thing is, that the owner's name and address is on the back. And the location is not too far from the beach. So we got into the van and went there hoping to return it. But when we got there, there was nobody home. We'll have to try again on our next trip there. (Barracuda Pulse)

Huge Silver CZ Ring

Honkin big ringI was sitting in the van waiting for low tide, when Carol comes over and says, I think I'm finished hunting for the day. Well, my eyes 'bout popped out of my head when Carol showed me this! She drops it in my hand and says, Please tell me it's white-gold. Sorry honey, it's got a .925 stamp. The heart shaped stone is about 2 carats and it is probably a CZ diamond. But we'll have it checked anyway. Man... this would have paid for all our hunting equipment! She found it as she was scanning the dry sand with the XLT. She said it was practically laying on top of the sand.

After that BIG disappointment, Carol got back into the water at low tide with a Barracuda. She was about chest deep in the water and this was her second pull. It's sterling with a stone like mother of pearl or something like that. It's pretty old, still haven't cleaned it yet.

Big Honkin Man's Ring

At the end of the day I asked her if she found anything else, and she said, Yeah, a big honkin man's ring. And it IS big, a size 13. It's stamped .925 inside. Haven't cleaned this one yet either. So Carol was pretty happy today anyway. She's never found 3 rings in one day before. (Cuda, XLT (beach, jewelry mode)

Antique Silver Onyx Class ring

1948 class ring I found this ring on Wednesday. We decided to go back and do a more thorough search of the packed beach where I found the cz ring below. This 1948 Class ring had such a thick coating of black on it, I didn't realize what it was till I cleaned it. We're really surprised we didn't find a lot more stuff this holiday weekend, the beach was so packed!

Silver Channel ring

This ring was found at the second beach we went to on July 4th. The beach was so crowded with people. It was almost dark when I got into the water. It was my first pull. I thought at first it was gold, but when I looked inside it says .925, so I knew they weren't diamonds. Who would put diamonds in silver?

Silver X ring

When we stopped to detect another beach at low tide on the way home, Carol got in the water with me. She was digging red bricks that beeped and some other signals that were so deep she couldn't get them out. While she was wading toward me to express her frustration, she got a signal and started to dig. And couldn't get it out. She waved for me to come and help her.After a couple of scoops, I handed this to her. She couldn't believe it, and said, "Thanks Honey!" (Barracuda)

Fancy Silver Rings

Variety of  Silver RingsTo the right is five of the six silver rings that have already been tumbled. We found the missing stone in the tumbler, so it wasn't lost. It was so heavy in black that I actually didn't know it even had a stone. We found these rings this past weekend, and they're not from the Scarborough cut either.

We went to another beach on Sunday after the cut closed up. It was raining all day and we both got soaked. It was hard digging, and there was a lot of iron. Hope to go back there again soon. Maybe in a couple of weeks. We know there is a lot of stuff there.

More Silver Rings

These are the five rings we found the last weekend of August. We spent the entire day at the beach. Found no gold but, oh well. We had a lot of fun watching all the people. After the tide came in, Carol and I took turns detecting with the XLT and getting some sun. Two of these, the darker ones, were found in the water. The other three were in the dry sand about 6 inches deep. Two of them are not silver, can you guess which ones? (XLT/Cuda/Aug. 27th, 2000)