Silver Mexican Ring

We were trying a new location at Fairfield beach, using a new mode that we got from our friend in Norway. We found a Mercury dime first over by the swingset .

Then walking toward the water we accidentally swung our detector across this silver Mexican ring in the dry sand. On the inside it says MEXICO and MOB 25. It's a very small ring and probably would have passed it, if not for the special mode we were using.
(Spectrum XLT/Berserker mode)

Sterling Silver W.W. II Locket

Silver world war 2 army air corpsThis nice silver locket was found at the beach, near the swings. The place was filled with iron and junk. This was the same spot where we found the Mercury dime.

I couldn't wait to open it to see the picture inside, but... It was empty! We still need to do research on the emblem. It looks like something that would be Airforce though.

The hook at the top we found on a different hunt, but near the same location. How surprised we were to see that they went together! We was looking for the chain, but no luck.

Update: Here's a note we received from Bullet-man. Your silver locket emblem looks like the U.S. Army Air Corps. WW 2 The wives and girlfriends of service men who went off to war would wear things like that. Thanks Bulletman! (Whites Spectrum XLT/Relic mode)