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Metal Detecting Tips
Beginner Detecting Tips
Beach Hunting Tips
Relic Hunting Tips
Water Hunting Tips
Vacation Travel Tips
Gridding the Beach
Detecting in the Rain
Winter Water Hunting

Cleaning Your Finds
Building & Using Electrolysis
Basic Ring Repair

Treasure Stories
Emi's Ring Found
Lost Ring Returned
Metal Detecting Ghost Story
How To Pan For Gold

Metal Detectors We Use
Land and Beach Detectors
Waterproof Detectors

Equipment We Use
Relic Hunting Tools
Beach Hunting Tools

Casio Tide Watch

Digital Scales

Links Directory

Code of Ethics
Rules for Detecting in CT
Beach Sweepers
Study the Ocean Tides
Information About Gold
Information about Silver

Connecticut History
1600's CT History Timeline
1700's CT History Timeline
1800's CT History Timeline
Coin Mintage Timeline
Connecticut Farms Wanted

Jewelry Finds
Fake Rolex
HopALong Cassidy
Vintage Rings
Dragon Jewelry
Religious Medals
Old Bracelets
Tom Mix Ring

Unique Finds
3 Merry Widows
Keys and Tags
Old Brass Plates
Old Spoons
Old Horseshoe
Herbert Hoover Pin
Old Corroded Gun
Pewter Cane Handle
Old Fishing Weights
Old Pewter Soldiers
Old Lead Soldiers
Old Makeup
Old Matchbox Cars
Dog License Tags
Old Buttons
WW 2 Lighter
Rifle Shotgun Shells
Unusual Pendants

Our Treasure Finds
Gold 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Civil War Army Ring
Gold US Navy Ring

Silver 1 2 3 4 5
Other Jewelry 1 2 3 4 5
U S Coins Colonial Cents
Quarters Half Dollars Silver Dollars
Foreign Coins 1 2 3
Tokens 1 2 3 4
Collectable 1
Relic 1
Miscellaneous 1 2 3 4 5

US Dimes
Roosevelt Dimes
Mercury Dimes
Barber Dimes
Seated Liberty

US Nickels
Shield Nickel
V Nickel
Buffalo Nickel

US Quarters
Sitting Liberty
Standing Liberty
Barber Quarter

US Half Dollars
Kennedy Half
Franklin Half
Seated Liberty
Walking Liberty
Barber Half Dollar
Silver Dollars

Silver Jewelry
Antique Brooch
Sterling Silver Rings
Roy Rogers Ring
Silver Religious Medals
More Silver Rings
Silver Spoon rings
WW 2 Silver Locket


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