Metal Detecting Treasure Stories

Most of our metal detecting stories are included with our Metal Detecting Finds pages

The stories listed here are some that we thought deserved a special page, and we plan to add some more stories in the future.

If you would like to share some of your metal detecting stories, we'll be happy to post it here, just email it to us. 

Lost Ring Story - A story submitted by James K. from Virginia.

Metal Detecting Ghost Story - We went on a competition hunt in Moodus, CT and something strange happened. What is in the photo?

Lost Ring Found Story - Emi lost her wedding ring 2 years ago and we found it for her. Why was it so hard to find?

The Sword in the Stone - A story submitted by Tim from Gemany. A must read!

Finally Found the Ring Story - A newly married husband loses his wedding band that he only had for 6 hrs.How long did it take us to find it?

How To Pan For Gold - Our first hands on experience at finding placer gold in brooks and streams. Gold Panning!

The Hunt for Glennwood Electric Park -by Jim Nichols.
I started metal detecting last March (2007) and was told about a turn of the century amusement park in South East Amarillo. Well I started hunting for it and using valuable information from fellow club members and some online detective work I found the exact location that was baffling the older club members for decades... See attached story for complete details.

My baptism into metal detection by Tyler
I was enjoying a nice 45 degree November day with my doberman throwing a plastic pop bottle attempting to teach the unruly guard dog some fetch.  Since we all know what cold does to hands and rings after a lofty throw I noticed...