How to Find a Lost Ring

Last summer we met this lady at Ocean Beach Park in New London while we were detecting. She asked us to come and find her wedding ring that she lost while playing ball with her grandkids in the backyard. It has been lost for two years. We went that day but a huge thunderstorm rolled in and we couldn't detect long and we didn't find it.

This past week Emi called us to see if we would come back and try again. We met her on Saturday morning and followed her to her house and began the search again. She made us a nice breakfast too. After three hours of pulling memorials and odd scraps of metal we were about to give up and Emi was giving up too. She had gone inside to do the dishes and we had asked her once again where she thought it fell. We had already scanned the area so many times and couldn't understand why we couldn't find it.

Emi's  Bracelet RingWhen she went inside I searched again where she said. The grass was tall and I heard a faint whisper and dug it anyway. To my amazement it was the ring. It was hard to detect because it was made from a piece of bracelet.

We went inside and Emi had her back turned to us finishing the dishes.
Carol said, " Emi, we have to go."
Emi said, "I know, you can't find it and you have to go."
Carol said, "No, it's because we DID find it."

Carol and EmiWell the hugs and kisses and screams started and continued for about 15 minutes. She just couldn't believe it.
This photo was taken about 10 minutes after we told her. You can see she's all smiles. The ring was about an inch down, about five feet behind her in this photo, in line with the latch on the gate. Cool!

How to find a lost ring

The only way to find a lost ring with a metal detector is to know exactly where it was lost. We had a lady contact us recently to come and try to find her diamond wedding ring that broke off her finger. When we arrived she said it could be here in this yard, or over in that field where a concert was. Well, we searched for awhile, but couldn't find it. The area was too large to cover, and she wasn't sure if it was even lost there.

The more time that passes before you realize it is gone, and the larger the area that it could be lost, the harder it will be to find.