Baseball token

This baseball token was found at Ocean beach in the water. Ocean Beach has seen a lot of traffic through the years. There is an amusement center there that has been in use for a long time.

We didn't find much though. Carol detected an obscure area and found a lot of clad and a pendant. Wish we could find out more about this token and who the baseball player is. It has the initials RWM on it but it is probably the designer's initials. Anyway it looks old. If you have any comments let us know.

Baseball tokenUpdate: Many thanks to Mystic Fox for e-mailing us with this information. I have seen several of those, they are tokens for batting cages.Strange, there's not any batting cages in the area. Hmmm... (Cuda)

R Amusement token

arcade R tokenHere's another amusement token. Found this R token while metal detecting. She found it because the maintenance crew at the beach scooped away sand to make a walking path for people. She also found a copper lapel pen, we can't tell how old it is, but it seems like it's a military pin of some sort.
Update: Token is from Ryan Family Amusements in Malden, Mass. It has 3 stars on the bottom a big R in the middle and it says Ryan Family Amusements around it. Thanks Paul for sending us this info!
(XLT/Beach& Jewelry mode)

Arcade Token

Arcade tokenHere's another token we found at Ocean Beach. They have a small arcade there, so we assume it is from there. This one also has the initials RWM on it. We found two of them, Carol found one by the boardwalk and I found mine in the water. Recently we found another but it is smaller in diameter. (CUDA) RWM stands or Roger Williams Mint, and they are responsible for all these types.

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