Fairground Tokens

This is the only thing we found in a fairground that has been closed for many years.

The bridge that people used to get to this fairground burned down.

We had to walk 5 miles of beach to get there. We really enjoyed detecting this fairground because there was nobody around all day long.
Fairground tokenJust wish we could have found more! This AC/RA No cash value two times and says Just fun is more fun Also made by RWM according.

Milford CT Arcade token

Milford Arcade tokenCarol found this token. She would drive by this little spot of land off the side of the road everyday at work And one day decided to go detect it. All she found basically, was some clad and this token. It's probably not an old token cause the arcade is still functioning in Milford, but, nevertheless, it's a token. I've been there and the tokens they use look the same.
(XLT/Coin mode)

Roller Skating token

Skating tokenWell, it sure does seem like it's been a long time since we found a token. This is another one found by my wife just recently. We were at Ocean Beach Park in the water and she started scanning the rocks by the break water at low tide. Rollermagic Fun Center? 1995 No Cash Value.

It's interesting in the fact that there isn't a roller skating rink around the area at all, and I don't think there ever has been. So where did it come from? It is apparently make by RWM, see above token. She also found 2 earrings that day, one silver and the other goldplated. (Garrett/discrete mode)

R token & hole token

R token Hole tokenBoth of these tokens were found in the water at Crescent Park. Nothing really special about them other than the fact that they're pretty old and smaller then the ones we normally find. The R token says, THIS TOKEN AWARDED FOR SKILL and it's the same on both sides. Unlike our other R token on page 2, but probably made by the same company. The hole token says, TOKEN HAS NO TRADE OR CASH VALUE. (Cuda)