Our Treasure Hunting Finds

On the left are categories of our finds made while metal detecting, along with pictures and exciting stories. We began building this website after we started our metal detecting hobby, and wrote short stories of where we were, what metal detector we used, and how we found these great finds. Hopefully, this will give you some insight as to where to go, and some tips that may help you in learning how to use a detector.

We started out by land hunting, and graduated to beach detecting and then water hunting. Most relics that were found are Whites Spectrum XLT finds, but the majority of our treasure hunting finds are from water hunting and the beach, and by simply being in the right place at the right time. Generally, the Gold and Silver Jewelry is found in the water, so you need a waterproof metal detector.

In the US coins section, which the coins were mostly found beach detecting, we added information on the coins like when the coin was minted, what the coin is made of, the weight, and which coin is the most valuable. The Foreign Coins are a favorite with us, and we researched where they were from. Some of the Tokens are pretty old, yet most seem to be new.

Our Nonmetal Finds are items we happen to dig up as we were detecting a metal target. Some of our bottles were either in the water and we saw them or from bottle digs. Carol gets thrilled just finding an old marble, (that's how easy she is to please.) The Miscellaneous Detecting Finds include things that are unique, old and we have never seen them before. Other jewelry includes the jewelry items that were not gold or silver, yet were interesting to find.

Sometimes our web visitors recognize items that we have found and e-mail us to let us know what they are, which we include as an update. We hope you enjoy reading our metal detecting stories, and checking out the pictures of our treasure hunting finds. Share what have you found with your metal detector on our Metal Detecting Forum.

HH, Vlad and Carol