Old Cigar Needle

Old cigar needleThis next item to the left, we have no idea what it is. It looks like a needle and it inserts into the tube. With a little twist, it stays in the tube. However, it's not sharp enough to be a needle, even though it comes to a point. There are no markings on it.

Update: from lhemond@gsb.uchicago.edu - I believe that is a cigar needle.
It punches a hole in a cigar tip. Good site!

World War 2 Lighter?

Old WW2 lighterCarol showed me this item to the right here at the end of the day. She said, Here's my most interesting find. Well, I took one look at it and said, Honey, you found a World War II lighter! How do I recognize it? I saw one just like it in a museum in St. Petersburg, Russia! This one has a PATENT # and says, Made in Austria. She said it was not even in the rocks, it was about 2 inches down in the shells.

Old Pocketknives

Old PocketknivesWe couldn't believe we found four pocketknives this weekend. Two in the water and two in the rocks. The black one, second from the left, was in a large black ( of what we call) glob-o-la. We learned to break open these black globolas if they beep, cause there may be something special inside.

One black globola that Carol cracked open had the hammer and workings of a gun or rifle! Another one of the globola's had a lipstick tube in it. (Spectrum XLT/beach & jewelry mode/Garrett Seahunter)

Old Marti Gras Tokens

Marti Gras tokensThere are two Marti Gras tokens stamped 1980 in the bag also, which is why she was able to pick up a signal on her detector. Is it possible this kid's treasure cache has been in the ground for over 10 years? It depends on how old these collectable fast food toys are.

Hohner Harmonica

This is a small harmonica made in Germany by Hohner. The other side says Little Lady. My wife found this at our local city Hohner Harmonicabeach last week in the dry sand. It was only about 4 inches down, and it was filled with sand. I cleaned it out and it still plays some. It was apparently made in the 1950's according to some we saw on Ebay. It has a small triangle hook on the end for a keychain or something.