Rifle and Shotgun Shells

Rifle shells, Navy container sealAssorted Rifle Shells

Here's a pic of the assorted rifle shells I picked up. They were all in the water. Oh no, no, no... I didn't need the detector to find them, I could see them shining in the sunlight. It's interesting though, how they could have got there.

It's like someone just went down and dumped a whole box of them, cause they sure weren't there the last time we went detecting there. I don't do water hunting at Crescent beach anymore. There is too much iron and when you dig, the bottom is thick with shells and worms and it stinks so bad.

US Navy Container Seal

Carol has found 2 of these plaques now, both in the same area. When she asked a guy in the Navy about them, he said they were plaques off of US Navy containers. But these don't have any numbers. He said that the Navy makes millions of them and the guys on the ships use them to skim the water. lol