Franklin Half Dollar

This is the last thing we found in our lucky field, before they started remodeling. We thought that we cleaned up the field pretty good, seeing as we were at the park every night for a solid month.

This evening we were free to go metal detecting, and we couldn't think of any place else to go, so we thought we would give it another try.

1953 Franklin HalfWe weren't even there 15 minutes, and this was our second signal. It was over by a big flat rock that we thought we had already detected around. It was actually laying on top of the rock, and grass had grown over it. The State had stopped cutting the grass on the field and it was up to our knees.

The State is going to remodel the park, so it is closed for the year, much to our delight! The 3rd weekend in May 2000 we found another one in the same park in a cut on the beach, and now we have two.

History: The Benjamin Franklin half dollar and the Roosevelt dime were both deigned by John Sinnock. His initials appear below the shoulder. The Liberty Bell is similar to that used by Sinnock on the 1926 Sesquicentennial commemorative half dollar modeled from a sketch by John Frederick Lewis. These were made between 1948-1963. The most valuable is a 1949s The mint mark is right below the E in STATES.