Standing Liberty Quarter

Carol found the first of our Standing Liberty. She couldn't understand for a long time why we weren't finding any. She kept saying, There's no reason why we can't find some of these!

Now we have fourteen of them. Twelve of them we can't read the dates. They must have been minted before 1925.

History: These quarters were made between 1916 and 1930. It was designed by Hermon A. Macneil. The left arm of Liberty is upraised and bearing a shield in the attitude of protection.

Standing Liberty, date unknownThe right hand bears the olive branch of peace. The designer's initial M is located above and to the right of the date. There was a modification in 1917 because of the public resentment to Liberty's exposed breast.
In 1925 a depression was made in the pedestal on which Liberty stands and which bears the date.

The most valuable of the series
is a 1916 or an 1919s( 8 over 7). The mint mark is left of the date.