Liberty Seated Half Dime

A Liberty Seated Half Dime! What an exciting metal detecting find! We have exacttly one of these, and will probably not find another one like it. This one is Variety two, so it's probably not very valuable.

History: These Liberty Seated half dimes were minted were minted from 1837 to 1873. The designer was Christian Gobrecht, with a composition of .900 silver and .100 copper. A diameter of 15.5mm, with a reeded edge, minted in Philadelphia and New Orleans.

Variety one

Seated Liberty DimesFrom 1837 to 1838 has no stars on the reverse. From 1837 to 1840 there was drapery at the elbow. From 1838 through 1859 the mint mark is located above the bow on the reverse, and there were large, medium and small mint mark varieties.

Variety two

Starts in 1838 with stars on the reverse, 1838 to 1853, some with drapery and some without arrows.

Variety three

From 1853 to 1855 there were arrows at the date, and the weight was changed to 1.24 grams.
As with the dimes, quarters and halves, arrows were placed at the sides of the date for a short period of time.
They put them there to indicate the reduction in the weight.

Variety two

Resumed in 1856 to 1859. The Philadelphia mint got a new die in 1859, and the stars are hollow in the center and liberty's arms are slimmer. In the years 1859 and in 1860 interesting half dime pattern were made which do not bear our nation's identity. These were not made for circulation, but it was transitional between them moving the United States of America to the front of the coin.

Variety four

Has the United States of America on the front of the coin, 1860 to 1873. From 1860 to 1869 and 1872 to 1873, the mint mark is below the bow. And from 1870 to 1872 the mint mark is above the bow.