Barber Dime

This Barber dime is a 1912. We found 2 Barber quarters the same day. Everything we pulled was copper, lead, silver, or gold. The beach is really trashed with iron though, alot of it! We were surprised we found anything.

We start out using the coin mode on the Spectrum XLT, just so the area wasn't one BIG BEEP! Carol found these within a half hour of being there, searching by some rocks.

1912 Barber dimeSeveral hurricanes have passed this way and knocked buildings into the water. The worst hurricane was in 1938. We heard a story about all these old dimes we're finding on this beach.

They tell us there was a dress pattern shop on the cliff above, and the owner was saving dimes in a big jar, and when the hurricane came through she lost them all.


Designed by Charles E. Barber,Chief Engraver of the Mint. He also designed the 25 and 50 cent pieces. His initial B is at the truncation of the neck. Barber dimes were minted between 1892-1916. The most valuable is the 1895o