Seated Liberty Dime

It's always nice when we find these 1800's US dimes. The first Seated Dime we found is pictured to the left. Unusual in the fact that it has a number seven stamped on it.

A club member told us merchants use to stamp names or numbers on the worn coins in the 1800's to make it a trade token.

Carol found it in the dry sand up next to the bank. It was getting dark so she put it in her pocket not even knowing what it was.

Seated Liberty Dimes

History: There are five different types of Seated Dimes.
The designer was Christian Gobrecht. Variety 1: 1837 - 1838, no stars on obverse.
Variety 2: 1838 - 1853, stars on obverse, no drapery from elbow, tilted shield.
Variety 3: 1853 - 1855, arrows at date.
Variety 4: 1860 - 1873, legend on obverse.
Variety 5: 1873 - 1874, arrows at date.
In 1873 the dime was increased in weight to 2.50 grams.
Variety 4 resumed 1875 - 1891. The most valuable EF40 being an 1872cc.