How to Detect in the Rain

Winter is almost over and the Spring rains will be starting soon. So how do you go metal detecting in the rain?

A lot of times when we go out on our detecting trips the weather is not always on our side.
But, by the time winter is over we have cabin fever so bad that nothing stops us from going, not even the rain.

Commercial meter covers

We haven't ever bought a commercial raincover for our land detectors. And from the beginning, we just used plastic grocery bags and wrapped them around the control box. It made it a little harder to read the meter, but we didn't care, we were still out detecting! We have never had a problem with this method even in the hardest of rains, in which we got totally soaked.

Rain Detecting We did try a commercial cover one time, but it would keep fogging up inside the plastic window. The raindrops were continually dripping on the cover, and made the meter difficult to see, You had to continually wipe away the water. So leave a couple grocery bags in your car for those rainy days.

Find deeper targets

Many times we go detecting in the rain on purpose, because we know nobody is at the beach, plus the wet ground is more conductive and you will find deeper targets.

Invest in some wetsuits

When we invested in some wetsuits, that solved the problem of us getting soaked. We stay warm and cozy. Sometimes, we just put a raincoat on top of our wetsuits if it is going to be unusually windy, because the wind with the rain will give you a chill.

To keep raindrops from dripping in your eyes or smacking you on the face, a baseball cap works great.

Waterproof headphones

As far as headphones, a lot of people feel you need waterproof headphones, but the regular ones we use work fine. They are pretty water resistant.