Metal Detecting Hobby

Metal Detecting is our number one hobby, and is the one we enjoy the most. By the size of this website you can see how much time we spend outdoor metal detecting and having fun.
We try to keep this site uptodate and also share the metal detecting tips and techniques we learn along the way. With colder weather and winter months past us, most of you are probably getting your detectors out of storage. But for us, the metal detecting season just ended! In fact, most of our metal detecting is done in the winter for several reasons:

1. Competition. With the popularity of this hobby, it's getting harder and harder for us to find anything during the summer. On the other hand, no one in their right mind will go beach hunting in the middle of December. We hardly ever see anybody at the beach, never mind someone with a metal detector.

2. Conditions. Not sure about you, but for us, here on the East Coast winter storms do wonders. It's not always the same as some may think, but generally winter and spring has been real productive with only a few exceptions. Hopefully this "season" will be our best ever as we are "past ready" for some new and exiting finds. We will share our winter stories and finds on our metal detecting forum, so stay tuned.

Successful Metal Detecting

Our metal detecting findsWe get asked a lot, "What is the secret of your success?" or, "You are so lucky, how do you do it?" Maybe we are lucky, but there is more to it than that. Keep reading and you might find "your" luck in the information we will share with you on this website.

When we bought our first metal detector, wow, we were out the door and on the nearest beach like lightning. Never mind reading the manual, and did I mention it was in the middle of December? We were so excited about our new hobby of metal detecting! This is it! Just what we dreamed of, digging in the dirt, finding those elusive old coins and relics! Everyday after work, we couldn't wait to get out and start using our new toy.

Patience, Persistence, Knowledge

We started metal detecting on our own, and with luck did manage to find a few old coins and a couple of gold rings. Then we got invited to visit a metal detecting club in Rhode Island. We found out being lucky is simply not enough, you need to learn from people who have been in the metal detecting hobby for years. There's always a few guys who know their stuff and guess what, they are more than willing to share the information that took them so many years to learn. If it wasn't for our knowledgeable club members, we would still be digging clad quarters on the beach.

People mostly ask, "Which metal detector should I buy?" That is another reason for visiting a local club. A detector that works in our neck of the woods, may not work in your area at all. Don't waste your time and money. Find out the facts before you buy.