Old Bridge Tokens

Mount Hope Bridge token
This token was found by my wife and it's about the size of a dime, she was searching the parking lot of some old bath houses that were closed down in the 1960's. Tokens are always fun to find, as they are so different. Its like finding a foreign coin!

Mt. Hope Bridge tokenShe found some wheaties and other coins from the 1970's. The Mount Hope Bridge is located in Bristol, RI and the tokens are not in use anymore.
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NY Bridge Token

NY Bridge TokenWe didn't even know NY had tokens for their bridges at one time. The front of this token has a list of the bridges and the back says, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.

Too bad it doesn't have a date on it. My wife found it and thought it was a piece of bent copper. That's why it's good to check the trash you pick up. It was probably hit by a lawnmower.