Metal Detecting Code of Ethics

Why have a Treasure Hunting Code of Ethics? We have a "Code of Ethics" to define accepted or acceptable behaviours, to promote high standards in the hobby of metal detecting, and to provide a benchmark for detecting members to use for self evaluation. We need to establish a framework for professional behaviour and responsibilities, as well as a sign of maturity.

Most detectorists that are associated with a metal detecting club have these same "Code of Ethics." However, there are some detectorists that seem to lack consideration for others and other people's property, and they leave holes wherever they go. They give all detectorists a bad reputation. That's why they are banning metal detecting in so many places. We stress more than anything to leave a place better than when you got there.

Metal Detecting Code of Ethics

Here is another code that was given to our club in 1999.

Treasure Hunter's Code of Ethics

Metal Detecting buddyRespect private property and get the owner's permission.
Fill all holes, even the ones on the beach and in the water
Protect our woods, forests, and wildlife.
Use thoughtfulness, consideration, and courtesy at all times.
Build fires in designated places only.
Leave gates to property as found.
Remove and properly dispose of any trash you find.
No littering of any kind, clean up after yourself.
Do not destroy property, buildings, ghost towns or abandoned structures.
Do not tamper with signs, structural facilities, or equipment.