Ghost Story Page 3

Picture of ghosts? We've Got Company
After our photo session, it was getting totally dark. We had already buried some coins in the field to do some practicing with our detectors, and now we realized that it was already too dark to even find what we planted.

We all sat down in the field and was laughing and talking about all the silver coins we would find the next day, including the ones we just lost.

Then Carol started making jokes about taking a picture of all of us laying in the grass, to show how "worn out" we were from metal detecting all day long. So we spread out on the grass, and Sergei offered to take the picture.

After the flash went off, we all yelled at Sergei,"Did it turn out?"
He looked at the monitor on the camera, and said,
"There's a line going through it,"
We all yelled, "Well, take another one!"

Waiting foor the photo The Second Photo
When Sergei said that there was a line going through it, Vlad thought it sounded weird so he got up to go check the monitor, and see if the camera was functioning properly, which it was, and then he laid back down.
Sergei told us, "It's a ghost." And we were all like, "Yeah, right, Sergei, just take another picture."

So this next photo is Sergei's "retake," and as you can see, it turned out the way we expected it to, and there are no lines.

Looking at these pictures of us laying in the field.
seems funny to us now. We look like some aliens landed in the field, and zapped us with their laser guns while we were metal detecting.


Relaxing in the field The Third Photo
Sergei took a third picture, within a matter of seconds, just to be on the safe side. Here is the photo he took, and it doesn't have any lines in it either.

On the next page, we'll take a closer look at the lines. As you will see, it is not just one line, but two lines and they cross each other several times.

It was suggested that maybe it was two bugs flying by. No, we don't think so. And besides, the bug season has already been over for awhile.

If you know anything about taking photos, you know how fast a flash goes off especially when it's dark.