Ghost Story Page 4

This is the unretouched digital photo at a "quarter" of the original size. So we actually have a huge photo of it. But it would be too large to put on the web. It was taken in a NEF format which is the sharpest and most detailed you can get out of the D100.

Notice, there is also something strange on Vlad's jeans and part of the camera case, which did not appear on the other photos. What was flying by our camera in that fraction of a second when the flash went off? Two ghosts? None of us saw anything fly by the camera, nor was there a feeling in the air that anything weird was going on. We were all just laying there relaxing, and checking out the stars.

Later in the room, we looked at the pictures again, and even zoomed in on the lines. And we were like, "Wow, what is it?"
Sergei says, "See, I told you I got a picture of a ghost." Vlad and I knew it was strange, because the Nikon D 100 has never mess up any of our pictures.

Oh, by the way, did we mention that there is a large cemetery on the property right next to "Our Father's House" ?
Is Moodus, CT really haunted? What could those lines be? We still have no clue what is in the picture. Click for a larger version.

Ghost Photo, Moodus CT

Update: We received an e-mail, and it was explained to us that it appears we have caught a picture of something that is called, rods. Here's what Glen's e-mail says: "When I saw the photo, it reminded me of a phenomenon I heard about a few years back, called Rods. It's kind of hard to explain, they're these things that appear in still frames. It's unsure if they are living or dead, but they travel so fast that they are virtually invisible, unless a still frame appears, or video is slowed down. I found you a web address: When the creepiness dies down, write me back. Glen G." Thanks Glen for this info!

9/07/05 - We recently received another email that said, "No, these are not rods, the shape of them is wrong!"

Mystery Solved!
Thanks to Bob from Ohio who sent me this video