Gold AS Initial Ring

This is exactly how this ring came out of the water. It's a nice man's signet ring. It's stamped 14k gold inside.

It was pretty deep too, about 2 feet in the soft sand. It's great when you recover rings like this. You feel like you're accomplishing something for all the hard work and time you invest in it. I love finding antique jewelry, though it may not be real old, and I'm sure there will be more older and better rings to be found.

AS initial ringFirst 18k Ring

This is the first 18k ring we have found. When I pulled it out of the water the stone was still in it and it fell out onto my hand. When I got home I tried to put it back in, but it is too small for some reason and falls right through. The stone is pinkish-white and we think it may be an opal but it is too worn to tell for sure.

Half Gold Ring

This third ring is only half of it! At least I found the right half! A nice man's ring. It's 10k and the stone is in near perfect condition. I sure wish it would have been complete. Can't figure out how it could of broke in half either, and where's the other half? Maybe I'll find it on the next treasure hunt.(CUDA)

Gold Ladies Ring

I found this nice lady's ring this past weekend at Goddard Memorial State Park in waist deep water at low tide. It's really pretty with a very intricate design and 9 blue stones. The strange thing is, there isn't a stamp inside even though we know it's at least a 10k.


Eagle pendant, ruby ring14kz Gold Ring

It was about 6:30 am when Carol and I waded into the water with our Barracuda's. The sun was just rising above the horizon, the sea was calm and friendly, and Neptune was waiting for us with a box of goodies. Okay, okay, just kidding.

For some reason I wasn't expecting to find any gold today. I worked around the areas where I previously found gold, but everything seemed to be covered with sand and light aluminum junk. Then I went real shallow where the rocks are still showing. It's very hard to dig, but at least I have a chance. And sure enough, my third signal turned out to be this old heavy wedding band.

Gold Wedding Band

Well, we treasure hunted all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday in the water and found no gold. We were wondering where it all went. The sand was deeper to the right of us, like it shifted, so we stuck to more of the center of the beach.
We must have dug about 50 bricks.

While I was digging up two of them, this nice wedding band was laying between them.Carol, on the other hand, began searching the area between the soft sand and the packed sand, and found this nice little band about six inches down. It's says 10k inside. (Cudas)

Twin Gold Ring

This ring was found at a State Park in the area. It's real hard to dig in the river. It's like packed rocks. If you haven't got it out in 2 scoops, you might as well forget it. My wife found it in the shallows right before they came over and asked her politely to get out of the water. Not that they're against detecting, but all the rain that we've been having has caused a lot of the swimming areas to be closed because of high bacteria levels. This ring is tiny and looks similar to another ring we found at the same location. They're even the same size.(Garrett)

14k White Gold Eagle Charm

My wife was bored last week so she decided to give the Spectrum XLT another whirl at our city beach. This Eagle pendant has 14k on the back, yet it's white, and it was tarnished when she found it, which is unusual for gold. A great addition to our beach metal detecting finds. (XLT/Relic Mode)

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