Gold Baby Ring

Occasionally, when Carol has a little free time, she grabs the metal detector and heads to a small city beach here in town. She's detected it maybe 5 times over the last year. She hasn't ever found anything except clad and fishing weights.

So last Friday she had a couple of hours before work, and decided to try it again. It was low tide and she started to scan at the edge of the water, and this was her third pull. She was so surprised, and couldn't wait till I got home to show me her 10k gold baby ring.

Baby gold ring, NFA class ringWhile she was there, a man asked her if we would come to his home and find a lost steel boundary stake in his yard. So after work we went there, and he showed us approximately where it was suppose to be. And it took about a minute with the XLT to find it. It was our first and only signal. He was so grateful he gave us a ten dollar bill even though we objected. Cool! (XLT/ Relic mode)

Three Gold Rings

This morning we got up and drove to a beach we have been trying to detect for the past couple of weeks, but because of strong winds have been unable to. Today, they promised rain by the afternoon, and no wind. So we decided to get up and GO and we are so glad we did!

Just look, three more gold rings. I metal detected for about 4 hrs pulling coins and little junk, and it seemed like I wasn't going to find anything good. I did find a 1920 Buffalo nickel though. It started raining harder, and I was getting soaked and disappointed.

I headed over to an area where I found three rings in one day, hoping there would be more, and kept waiting and waiting for the tide to go out because it was too deep. So right at the peak of my disappointment, I got a tiny little whisper that turned out to be a 10k 1935 men's ring with the letters NFA on a shield with a lion on top. The 14k wedding band was the next signal. It says 1963 inside with some initials. I was so excited I forgot I was soaking wet!

I tried to detect around this area since both of these rings were about 3 feet apart. But all I could find was another coin and our first silver spoon. Then it really started pouring, and I thought, Well now I can call it a day. I mean, a GREAT day! The next day we went back to the same location and found another wedding band, a 1947, its the one on the left. (CUDA)

Gold Diamond Ring

Yes! Finally our FIRST diamond ring was found! The day before Easter! It is our 20th gold ring too. It is the traditional kind, and has 3 small diamonds. We didn't find it at our usual hot spot either. The waves and weather was suppose to be bad this weekend. So we went down to a local Beach in Milford, just to get our detecting fever cooled off a while.

The only thing we ever found at that beach was our first jewelry find, the antique silver brooch, last year. And we had gone back a couple of other times, but just found some clad and fishing weights. After tinkering around in wet sand for awhile, we headed up to the area where we found the brooch. The last time we were there we spotted a bottle dump, so I went diving for old bottles. Carol started checking around a pile of rocks and shells near some beach grass that looked like it had been scraped from the beach at one time, and found the ring with the XLT about 5 inches down.

She said she let out a gasp when she found it and was looking for me. When I came back she couldn't wait till I said, Did you find anything? You should have seen the smile on her face! It's nice when husband and wife enjoy doing the same thing. Happy Easter! (XLT/Relic mode)

Gold Antique Carved Ring

Antique carved ring I stayed up all Friday night so we could leave at 3:30 am. Low tide at our favorite beach was at 6:30. We got there just as the tide was starting to go out. The wind was perfectly calm, and it was still dark. Usually we're watching the sun go down, not waiting for it to come up. I didn't waste any time getting into the water.

After digging a couple hours, I was getting tired. This is the antique carved ring that I found along with a silver Navy ring (you can see on the Silver page 3) and there's some more story that goes with it. I slept while my wife drove us to another beach. (CUDA)

Gold Wedding Bands

We spent the rest of Saturday at Crescent Beach. By evening we had found our first Standing Liberty quarter and a Flying Eagle cent. We really didn't have any idea where to go on Sunday. We decided to just pick a spot on the map where we hadn't been yet, but wanted to go to for a long time.
We got there by dark and camped out in the van. There are 3 beaches in this area. We just picked one of them. It looks like we picked the right one! Sunday morning we woke up just in time for low tide, and it produced some silver coinage for us, including 2 Barber halves another Standing Liberty quarter, and Mercs.

The evening tide came about 4:30. I got back in the water and searched the area again where I found the coins, but only found a Washington silver quarter and a bunch of clad coins from the 1960's. I wasn't expecting to find any gold at all at this beach cause even the coins seem to be very deep. As I was thinking about it, I find this monster wedding band in my scoop. Wow, I thought, what is this, a fluke? About 10 minutes later, here comes another one. And I knew my wife was going to love this one! Inlaid with white gold and 8 little diamonds. See honey, I told you I'd pay you back in gold for the watch! (CUDA)

Gold Class Ring

Blue class ring, ruby ringHere's our gold for this weekend. A nice lady's class ring. We had a club meeting today and there were four of us in the water. So the competition was tough, especially with Mike Robinson in the crowd. Of course he gets two gold rings right off the bat. I thought I wasn't going to make it.

The wind was so strong and the water was cold. My teeth were chattering. I was trying to get away from the crowd, and detect where they just searched. I got a very strong signal, when I looked in my scoop I saw a piece of a pulltab, I thought to myself, That was the loud signal? As I was getting ready to empty my scoop, but wait, there's something yellow sparkling! (CUDA)

More Gold Rings

Even though the weather was bad, we always have fun! We left Friday night after work. We was going to check a beach that our club president showed us after the hunt last weekend. It's a pretty small one, and we're always happy to try something new. After a couple of hours we found some coins but not a whole lot. It was so cold and rainy. We decided to go get something to eat and go back to one of our other beaches.
When we got there Ed (one of our club members) was waiting for low tide. We decided to stay there and have some company. As I was putting my gear on, a car pulls in and a guy says, You're not Vlad, are you? It was Bob, a guy that we met on the Internet and always wanted to hunt with. Perfect timing!

So three of us were in the water. Anyway, I found the ring on the left on my way out. I thought I wasn't going to get any this time. Afterwards we went to get coffee and told treasure stories for hours.
The next day the early tide was around 6 AM. Ed wanted to come too. We were waiting for him to show up, and here comes Mike Robinson to hunt. So there was 3 of us in the water again. I found a pocket with lots of targets so I was working that area. After I thought I cleaned it up, one of my holes I dug still had a target in it. I couldn't believe I left it in there. It turns out to be a nice woman's ruby ring. Whew, I'm glad I didn't leave it there! Everyone found a gold ring that morning.

For the high tide we decided to go back to the first beach we detected Saturday morning. Carol wasn't satisfied with what we found there, and I was going to try the water. I told her to wake me up for the low tide. She took off detecting. When I woke up, she had a nice surprise for me! She found it behind a log where people would sit. It has 3 diamonds in it. She was using the XLT in Jewelry/beach mode. It read as foil. (CUDA/XLT)

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