3 Three Merry Widows

We didn't find any information about this on Ebay, But it appears it may be one of the first condoms that came out. Whatever it is, there was supposedly three inside.

My wife was detecting a woods and it was about 30 ft from the street. Not buried very deep. It's about the size of a half dollar, made of copper. We haven't opened it, but there is probably nothing inside.

Anybody else ever found one of these? (Whites Spectrum XLT/relic mode)

3  Merry Widows tinUpdate:
After looking at your website I did a yahoo search (merry widows condoms) and you were right they are condoms. But the three is part of the title, Three Merry Widows, is what the three women that made them called themselves.

They cost 50 cents which was alot in the 20th century when they were made, but they were made to be reused. The names of the widows are on the lid. AGNES, MABEL, and BECKIE. Thanks RobZombie for this info!