Old Makeup and Lipstick Tubes

Collection lipstick tubesAll of these lipstick tubes are brass and very old. Do ladies actually take lipstick to the beach? One has an intricate design of flowers. Three are stamped, TABU & Tanyee & CARA NOME. My wife says she didn't know TABU even made lipstick.

These are our recent miscellaneous finds from our new spot. Close to the beach there is the remains of some kind of building that burned down many years ago. Not sure what it was. If we knew it might explain where these toys came from. Unless the toys are so old, that they are all the kids had to play with back then.

Marinello Makeup

Marinello makeup containerThis is a lid off of what we believe is one of the first lady's makeup or face cream container. It is made of copper with a 2 inch diameter. We did a search on the name Marinello on the Internet, and found a site that called the Marinello School of Beauty, still in operation.

Here is a link to the page that has the history of the school which is very interesting. Marinello. We emailed the school to get a verification, but they did not respond. (Spectrum XLT/ Relic mode)