Pewter Black Cat

The cat is made of pewter and still has traces of black paint on it. It's heavy too. Lots of old toys came out of this beach, must have been populal with the kids back in the day.

I was digging through rocks to find these items and they were pretty deep. I was actually getting mad at the rocks, cause it was so hard to dig!

They say that sand is the water hunter's worst enemy, but I think rocks are!

Pewter black catThe soldier is made of lead but is still in pretty good condition for being found in the water. One arm, that moved up and down, is missing. On the bottom it is stamped, MADE IN ENGLAND, BRITAIN'S COPYRIGHT and some other word.

Toy Pewter Racecar

Pewter Race CarThis racecar I found Saturday in the water at Ocean Beach. I thought it unusual because it is the first antique toy we have pulled out of this beach. It still has black paint on it that is flaking off. There's no markings on the inside.

Pewter toys, cigar needlePewter Toy Soldiers

Cool, we have another soldier to add to our collection and... an Indian. The soldier is apparently suppose to be marching, but the upraised leg is missing.

The Indian is intact and is stamped MADE IN JAPAN on the bottom. It's also made of pewter. Notice he's carrying a rifle instead of a bow and arrow.

The area I've been concentrating my scanning in, is located in the sand between rows of rocks that run vertical to the beach. I even cracked my scoop from digging in the rocks and it's going to have to be welded.

Pewter soldier The soldier lying down with the machine gun, I found in the water on Saturday. It's made of pewter.