Old Badges and Brass Plates

ALA Brass Plate
Is it possible that ALA stands for American Library Association? The A.L.A. was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1876. We weren't able to find any information on an ALA in Rhode Island, which is where we found it, buried in a field next to a library.

It's made of brass and the blue is some sort of inlaid enamel. There is nothing on the back.
(Spectrum XLT/ Relic mode)

Riverside Park souvenierUpdate: We recently got an e-mail from someone who said it may be the old Automobile League of America, which would be the original AAA. He says this is a plate they would attach to your car. Cool. Thank you for that info.

This item to the left is a penny that was rolled flat and stamped. It seems to be a souvenir from Riverside Park which is a huge amusement park in Southern Massachusetts. I think it's been changed to a 7 Flags over New England.

Badges with numbersThings with Numbers

We find a lot of things that have numbers on them, here is a picture of a few of them. Some are badges, nameplates, tags and we have even found old fishing licenses and license plates. Metal Detecting is a fun hobby.